“Manifesting Your Beliefs: Creating a Better World and Balancing Inequalities”

In this thought-provoking post, the author explores the concept of manifesting and the power of belief. They highlight historical figures who were seen as crazy but ultimately achieved great things, and discuss the importance of focusing on positive aspects of life rather than negativity. The author emphasizes the influence of our thoughts and attention on our actions and behavior. They suggest that by changing our mentality and manifesting positivity, we can create a better world. The post encourages readers to focus on what they have and take action to bring about the change they desire.

What if we really focus on what we believe in? It can come true, right?

Some call it manifesting. Some call it madness. Others call it innocence. Some even dare to call it ignorance…

But if I see something inside me, if that’s my reality, then how can it be impossible?!

Do you know who was also seen as crazy? Da Vinci, Einstein, Jesus Christ and so many other men. We don’t even hear about the women, as they were first burnt at the stake and then silenced over time – but let’s leave that for another post.

So… yes, call me crazy!
I believe it’s possible to create a better world. I believe it’s possible to see life as the greatest gift of all and nature as the basis of everything, just as it always has been. What’s more, I believe it’s possible to balance inequalities.

And it’s because I believe that, that it can become possible. When we focus on war, we only attract war. Our mind gives us more than what we focus on. Big companies like Meta (Facebook) and Google know this so well that the algorithms they use are exactly that: “You like to see more war and tragic events?! I’ll show you more!” “You like to see nature and human development content?! Let me suggest more of that!”.
Where you put your attention and your thoughts, you put your energy (and therefore your actions and behavior).

That’s why so many people believe in the power of changing mentality and the power of manifestation. It’s real. When you decide to stop spending your time and mind on violence and catastrophe… things start to change, and the world actually becomes more positive.

Keep focussing on what you have, and you’ll have more of it.
You want something different! Then you know what to do!

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What if we truly believe in something? Can it become a reality? Many call it manifesting, some call it madness, and others call it innocence. There are even those who dare to label it as ignorance. But if I see something inside me, if that is my reality, then how can it be impossible?!

Throughout history, many visionaries were initially seen as crazy. Think about Da Vinci, Einstein, and even Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, we rarely hear about the women who shared their visions, as they were often silenced and oppressed. But let’s save that discussion for another time.

So, yes, call me crazy! I firmly believe it is possible to create a better world. I believe in seeing life as the greatest gift of all and recognizing that nature is the foundation of everything. Furthermore, I am convinced that we can work towards balancing inequalities.

Belief Creates Possibility

It is precisely because I believe in these possibilities that they can become a reality. Our minds have a powerful influence on our experiences. When we focus on war and negativity, we attract more of the same. Our thoughts shape our reality. This is something that big companies like Meta (Facebook) and Google understand so well. Their algorithms work to show us more of what we engage with. If we enjoy consuming violent and tragic content, they will provide us with more of it. Conversely, if we seek out content related to nature and human development, they will suggest more of that. Where we direct our attention and thoughts, we direct our energy, actions, and behavior.

That is why so many people believe in the power of changing mentality and the power of manifestation. It is a real phenomenon. When we decide to stop investing our time and mind in violence and catastrophe, things start to change. The world becomes a more positive place.

The Power of Focus

By keeping our focus on what we already have, we attract more of it. If we desire something different, then we need to take action. It is up to us to change our mindset, our thoughts, and our habits. The power lies within us.

So, let’s embrace the potential for change. Let’s focus on love, life, and all the beauty that surrounds us. Let’s nurture our potential, seek guidance and mentoring, and explore new business opportunities. Let us be the change-makers who understand the importance of human development and effective communication.

Awakening our Consciousness

As we awaken to the power within us, we become aware of the blockages that hinder our happiness. We can explore techniques such as family constellations, life coaching, systemic coaching, and systemic awareness. These practices help us identify and release the limitations that hold us back.

It is time to break free from the chains of negativity and embrace a more positive and fulfilling existence. By focusing on the good, we can create a world that is filled with love, happiness, and endless possibilities.

Conclusion: The Power is Ours

Believe in the power of manifestation. Believe in your ability to create positive change. The world is what we make it.

So, let’s continue to focus on love, life, and all the beautiful aspects of our existence. Let’s be the change we want to see.

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