Photoshop CC 2024 tutorial showing how to transform photos into scribble art.

Photoshop CC 2024 Tutorial: Transform Your Photos into Scribble Art

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Have you ever wondered how to turn your ordinary photos into stunning pieces of scribble art? Well, look no further! In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of transforming your photos into eye-catching scribble art using Photoshop CC 2024.

Introduction to Scribble Art

Scribble art is a unique and captivating form of artistic expression. It involves creating intricate, abstract designs by drawing lines and shapes that appear to be scribbles on paper. This art form allows you to unleash your creativity and add a touch of uniqueness to your photos.

Step 1: Preparing Your Photo

The first step in transforming your photo into scribble art is to choose the perfect image. Select a photo with a clear subject and interesting composition. It could be a portrait, a landscape, or any other image that inspires you.

Once you have selected your photo, open it in Photoshop CC 2024. Make sure to save a copy of the original photo before making any changes. This will allow you to revert back to the original if needed.

Step 2: Creating a New Layer

To start the transformation process, create a new layer on top of your original photo. This new layer will be used to draw the scribble art. Select the “New Layer” option from the “Layer” menu, or simply press Ctrl+Shift+N (Cmd+Shift+N on Mac).

Step 3: Selecting the Brush Tool

The next step is to select the Brush tool from the toolbar. The Brush tool allows you to draw lines and shapes on your photo. Choose the brush size and hardness that best suits your artistic vision. Experiment with different settings to achieve the desired effect.

Step 4: Drawing the Scribble Art

Now comes the fun part! Start drawing lines, shapes, and patterns on your photo using the Brush tool. Let your creativity take over and don’t be afraid to experiment with different strokes and colors. You can create bold, vibrant scribbles or delicate, intricate designs – the choice is yours!

Take your time and pay attention to the composition of your scribble art. Consider the focal point of your photo and use the scribbles to enhance it. You can also add scribbles to other areas of the image to create a sense of movement and depth.

Step 5: Adjusting the Opacity and Blending Modes

To make the scribble art blend seamlessly with your photo, you can adjust the opacity and blending modes of the scribble layer. Lowering the opacity will make the scribbles appear more transparent, while changing the blending mode can create interesting effects.

Step 6: Adding Finishing Touches

Once you are satisfied with your scribble art, you can add some finishing touches to enhance the overall look. Experiment with different Photoshop filters, adjustments, and textures to give your photo a unique and artistic touch. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and let your creativity shine!


Transforming your photos into scribble art is a fun and creative way to add a unique touch to your images. By following this step-by-step tutorial, you can unleash your artistic side and create stunning pieces of art using Photoshop CC 2024. So, grab your favorite photo and start scribbling!


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