“Riot at Ironwood State Prison in Blythe, California Leaves 9 Injured: Latest Updates”


BLYTHE, Calif. — In a shocking turn of events, a violent riot involving approximately 200 inmates broke out in the recreational yard of Ironwood State Prison in Blythe, Southern California. The incident occurred on Wednesday morning during a routine contraband investigation, leaving eight corrections officers and one incarcerated man injured.

The Riot

The chaos ensued at around 10 a.m. when officers were in the midst of escorting an inmate across the yard. According to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the inmate unexpectedly headbutted a staff member. As the staff members were attempting to subdue him, a massive surge of around 200 prisoners rushed towards the officers, launching a vicious attack using their fists and rocks.

Efforts to Regain Control

In response to the escalating violence, officers were forced to shoot a rifle warning round to disperse the unruly crowd. They then resorted to using chemical agents and non-lethal impact rounds, which helped bring the situation under control.

Injuries and Treatment

A total of eight staff members and the inmate responsible for the initial assault were transferred to an external medical facility for treatment. While the extent of their injuries has not been disclosed, officials have confirmed that all injured individuals have since been released and returned to the prison.

Ongoing Investigation

The investigation into the incident is still underway, with authorities identifying 30 inmates who were directly involved in the riot. As a precautionary measure, movement in yards and dayrooms across all prisons in the state has been restricted for 24 hours, allowing officials to conduct a thorough threat assessment.

About Ironwood State Prison

Ironwood State Prison, a minimum-medium security facility located in the arid region east of Los Angeles, has been operational since 1994. Currently housing approximately 2,500 male inmates, the prison serves as a critical correctional institution within California’s extensive penal system.


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