“Missing Man Wanted for Attempted Murder Identified as Deceased: Roger Hart”


BERKS COUNTY, Pa. – A human skull discovered in Pennsylvania has been identified as that of Roger Hart, a man who went missing 20 years ago after allegedly attempting to murder his wife. The incident occurred in April 2004 in Pottstown, and since then, Hart had evaded capture.

The Mysterious Disappearance

At the time of the alleged attempted murder, Hart’s vehicle was found abandoned with his wallet and car keys inside. A witness claimed to have seen a man matching Hart’s description entering a wooded area. This led to an extensive search, but Hart remained elusive.

The Skull’s Discovery

The skull was found by a young boy in April 2022, in a pond near Pine Lane in Amity Township, Berks County. The discovery prompted two subsequent searches of the pond, but no other skeletal remains were located.

An Investigation Begins

Following the skull’s discovery, the Amity Township Police Department and county detectives launched an investigation. The skull was sent to Mercyhurst University in Erie for examination. The results revealed that the skull belonged to a male and had likely been exposed to the elements for over a decade. Advanced DNA analysis was also conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police and the FBI in Quantico, Virginia.

A Tragic Identity Confirmed

Through DNA testing, it was conclusively determined that the skull belonged to Roger Hart. However, due to the condition of the skull and the absence of additional skeletal remains, the cause of his death remains unknown.

“Based on the condition of this skull and the lack of additional skeletal remains, a cause of death cannot be determined for Roger Hart,” stated the Berks County District Attorney’s Office.

This discovery brings closure to a missing person case that has haunted authorities for two decades. While many questions surrounding Roger Hart’s disappearance and subsequent demise may never be answered, his identification brings clarity to a long-standing mystery.

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