New Zealand Mountaineering Expert, Lewis Ainsworth, Dies in Terrace B.C. Helicopter Crash: Fourth Victim Identified

By J. Chess

Mountaineering Community Mourns Loss of Esteemed Guide Lewis Ainsworth

The mountaineering community worldwide has been thrown into mourning with the tragic passing of Lewis Ainsworth, a revered mountaineering expert and the president of the New Zealand Mountain Guides Association. Ainsworth’s death marked the fourth fatality in the catastrophic helicopter crash that occurred north of Terrace, B.C., last week.

Ainsworth’s Pivotal Role in the Mountaineering World

Ainsworth, who was 35 years old at the time of his demise, was not just a mountain guide but a figure of inspiration in the international mountaineering community. His unique blend of experience, knowledge, and passion for the mountains made him a beloved figure. Ainsworth’s contributions to mountaineering extended beyond guiding, with his leadership as the president of the New Zealand Mountain Guides Association.

Details of the Fateful Incident

On January 22, Ainsworth was aboard the Northern Escape Heli-Skiing helicopter, acting as a guide when the tragic accident occurred. Initially, three people were reported dead in the immediate aftermath of the crash, with four others, including Ainsworth, critically injured. His mother, Marney Ainsworth, took to social media over the weekend, confirming the heart-wrenching news that her son would not recover from his injuries. The other victims of the crash included two Italian tourists and the pilot.

Remembering Lewis Ainsworth

Remembered as a man who was adored by many, Ainsworth’s loss has been deeply felt by all who knew him. The New Zealand Mountain Guides Association’s Facebook post paid a heartfelt tribute to Ainsworth, acknowledging the profound impact he had on those fortunate enough to have shared in his passion for mountain life. Ainsworth leaves behind his partner and their 10-year-old daughter, who will continue his legacy.

Investigation into the Crash

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has since deployed a team of investigators to the crash site to ascertain the cause of the tragic incident. A spokesperson for Northern Escape has assured that a statement will be issued soon. As the mountaineering community worldwide mourns the loss of Lewis Ainsworth, his family and colleagues remember him as a man who lived his passion, and his spirit will forever echo in the mountains he loved so dearly.


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