Irfaan Abdul Haqq aka ‘Jimpy’ Identified as Victim of Fatal Police Confrontation in St. Joseph

By J. Chess

Who was Irfaan Abdul Haqq?

The peaceful community of St Joseph was rocked on Thursday evening by the death of a resident, identified as Irfaan Abdul Haqq. Also known by his local nickname ‘Jimpy’, Haqq was a 35-year-old man with roots in Farm Road, St Joseph, and also had a connection to Third Avenue in Barataria.

What Happened?

Haqq’s life came to a tragic end around 5pm on Thursday during a police operation conducted by officers of the Northern Division. The operation took place in Bangladesh, a region in St Joseph known for its vibrant community. It was alleged that Haqq, who was reportedly armed, confronted the officers, prompting them to act in self-defence.

The Northern Division officers, adhering to their use of force policy, reacted to the perceived threat by firing at Haqq, who was reportedly shot multiple times. In the aftermath of the confrontation, he was transported to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex. Unfortunately, Haqq was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Police Reports and Residents’ Response

According to the police account, a Glock 9mm pistol, identified by the serial number EBD 182, was retrieved from the scene. The firearm was equipped with an extended magazine housing five live rounds of ammunition.

However, this narrative is being contested by local residents who argue that Haqq was unjustly killed by the law enforcement officers. They maintain that at the time of the incident, Haqq was at a local building, engaged in work, and unarmed.

In response to what they perceive as a gross miscarriage of justice, locals staged a fiery protest along the Priority Bus Route on Thursday night, demanding accountability for Haqq’s death. This incident has sparked a heated debate about police conduct and the use of force policy, and further updates will be provided as more information becomes available..

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