Chemical Attack Victim Danying Zhang Identified: Efforts to Reach Parents in China, Attacker Sebastian Mahkwan Charged with Attempted Murder

By J. Chess

Brave Survivor of Chemical Attack in Honolulu Identified

Danying Zhang, a 25-year-old Chinese language teacher, has been identified as the survivor of a shocking chemical attack that took place in Honolulu. Zhang, a spirited and optimistic individual, is currently hospitalised following the assault.

Details of the Incident

The incident occurred on Tuesday night near the bustling Ala Moana Center, a popular tourist destination in Honolulu. Zhang was on her routine walk when she was allegedly attacked by Sebastian Mahkwan with an unidentified liquid. Reacting promptly, Zhang sought refuge in the nearby Planet Fitness gym. Mahkwan was subsequently arrested on Thursday and is now facing charges of attempted murder and first-degree assault, with his bail set at a hefty $2 million.

Zhang’s Background and Current Condition

Zhang, a dedicated teacher at the renowned Maryknoll School, had come to the US as part of an exchange program sponsored by the US-China People’s Friendship Association. The organization is currently making efforts to contact Zhang’s parents who reside in rural China. Despite the severe injuries, Zhang’s spirit remains unbroken. “She is all bandaged up to cover her wounds right now. She has tubes in her,” stated Vernon Ching from the association. “Yet, she is very upbeat and optimistic. She feels that she is going to get better.”

Community Support for Zhang

In just two days, the Hawaii Chinese Chamber of Commerce has raised over $70,000 through a GoFundMe campaign for Zhang. The campaign has received overwhelming support with more than 1,000 people contributing towards her medical expenses and recovery.

Efforts to Reach Out to Zhang’s Parents

The story of Zhang’s ordeal is spreading throughout China. The US-China People’s Friendship Association is working tirelessly to establish a line of communication with Zhang’s parents, who are believed to be farmers living in rural China. “Whether they have access to the internet is questionable,” said Ching. Despite her limited communication ability at the moment, Zhang’s resilience shines through as she communicates through written messages.

As Zhang bravely battles her injuries, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for increased safety in public spaces. The outpouring of support for Zhang also highlights the strength of community spirit in face of adversity.


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