Sheri Garner Tweets Humorously About President Biden’s Alleged Incompetence in 2024

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While it’s often hinted in a light-hearted manner that Joe Biden, the President of the United States (POTUS), may not be the most tech-savvy individual, a recent tweet by Sheri Garner (@luv4ginger22) brings this topic front and centre. Garner humorously suggested that Biden might not even be aware of his role as POTUS, let alone how to operate a mobile phone. But is there any truth behind this jesting remark? Let’s delve a little deeper into this matter.

Biden: A Digital Native or Immigrant?

As we live in a world that’s increasingly governed by technology, being tech-savvy is no longer viewed as a luxury but rather a necessity. It’s a skill everyone, including our leaders, should ideally have. This brings us to Joe Biden, whose technological prowess has been the subject of debate and even mockery.

There’s no denying that Biden, born in the early 1940s, belongs to a generation that didn’t grow up with smartphones and social media platforms. As such, it’s plausible to suggest that he might not be as comfortable with these devices as the younger, more tech-inclined generation. However, to claim that he doesn’t know how to use a phone might be a stretch.

The Need for Technological Literacy in Leadership

As we continue to evolve into a more digital age, it’s vital that our leaders not only understand but also embrace technology. This is crucial in making informed decisions that could potentially mould the future of the nation. Moreover, it’s essential for engaging with younger demographics, who are increasingly using digital platforms for communication and information.

Whether it’s Barack Obama’s memorable use of social media during his presidential campaign or Donald Trump’s prolific tweets, recent leaders have demonstrated the power of technological literacy in the political landscape. As such, it’s only fair to expect the same from Biden.

Is Biden Really Technologically Challenged?

While it’s easy to poke fun at Biden’s age and speculate about his technological abilities, it’s worth noting that he does have a digital team that manages his online presence. This includes his social media accounts and online interactions. It’s a common practice among high-profile individuals, indicating that even if Biden isn’t personally tech-savvy, he has a team that ensures his digital literacy.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that Biden has spent a significant part of his life in public service. During his tenure, he has witnessed and adapted to numerous technological advancements. It’s unlikely that he’s completely unaware of how to utilise a phone or oblivious to his role as POTUS, as jestingly suggested by Garner.

Conclusion: A Balanced Perspective

In conclusion, while it’s entertaining to jest about Biden’s possible lack of tech skills, it’s crucial to maintain a balanced perspective. Age shouldn’t be a determining factor in one’s ability to adapt and learn. Even if Biden isn’t the most tech-savvy POTUS, he has a competent team backing his digital endeavours. Above all, his long-standing commitment to public service underlines his adaptability and resilience, which are qualities that arguably outweigh technological prowess in a leader’s skillset.


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