Teen Victim, Ferguson, Pronounced Dead after Shooting on Kammer Avenue, Dayton: Ongoing Investigation

With a heavy heart, we report another unfortunate incident of youth violence in Dayton. On a quiet evening near North Woodward Avenue, a teenager’s life was abruptly ended. The victim, Ferguson, was found critically injured on Kammer Avenue, just before 7:15 p.m.

Fateful Discovery and Immediate Response

Upon reaching the scene, Dayton Police officers, led by Lieutenant Steven Bauer, discovered the grievously injured teenager. Without delay, Ferguson was transported to Miami Valley Hospital. Despite the best efforts of the medical team, the young man was pronounced dead at the hospital, marking a sad day for the community.

Investigation Underway

A 24-year-old man, whose identity remains undisclosed, has been highlighted as a suspect in the tragic shooting. According to Lt. Bauer, the individual has cooperated with law enforcement officers but is not currently under custody. The Dayton Police Department’s homicide unit is diligently carrying out further investigations to ascertain the incident’s circumstances.

A witness, who promptly called 911 after observing an individual appearing to be shot and seeking help, provided crucial information. According to the Montgomery County Regional Dispatch records, the witness’s account suggests the shooting may have been linked to an attempted robbery.

Remembering the Victim

Ferguson, a teenager with a promising future ahead, became the second young individual to lose his life to gun violence in Dayton within a span of two days. His untimely demise follows the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Dreshun Fox-Bolds on Friday afternoon on the 100 block of Cambridge Avenue. Fox-Bolds was declared dead at the scene by the coroner’s office.

Continued Investigations

It remains unclear if any suspects have been identified in relation to the Friday shooting. A 911 caller reported seeing three men fleeing the scene, as per the Montgomery County Regional Dispatch. The Dayton Police, committed to justice, continues its intensive investigations into both cases.

The recent incidents have cast a grim shadow over Dayton, highlighting the pressing need for effective measures to curb such violence. As we remember the young lives lost, we hope for a safer and more peaceful community.


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