27-Year-Old Leonel Pineda-Valdez Shot and Killed in Phoenix: Family Holds News Conference as Police Search for Suspect.

Phoenix Police officials have announced that the family members of Leonel Pineda-Valdez, a 27-year-old man who was tragically shot and killed in 2022, will be holding a news conference on January 17. This comes as detectives continue their search for the person responsible for this devastating crime.

The news conference, attended by Pineda-Valdez’s mother, fiancĂ©, sister, and brother, aims to shed light on the ongoing investigation and bring attention to the case. The family members are determined to find justice for their loved one and are hopeful that the news conference will generate new leads or information that can aid the police in their search.

Pineda-Valdez’s untimely death occurred on October 30, 2022, in the area of 67th Avenue and Thomas Road. Responding to reports of a shooting, police officers discovered Pineda-Valdez inside a car that had crashed into a fence behind a local business. Tragically, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sgt. Melissa Soliz, a police spokesperson, revealed that early information suggests the shooting took place behind a business on the northwest corner of the intersection. Following the shooting, Pineda-Valdez attempted to drive away but ultimately crashed into a nearby fence.

Pineda-Valdez’s fiancĂ©, Mary Martinez, shared her heart-wrenching experience, recounting her last phone call with him. He had called her at 10:48, saying that he was only ten minutes away from home and expressing his love for her. However, those five minutes turned into an eternity when he never arrived. Martinez didn’t discover what had happened until the following morning, adding to her immense grief and shock.

Pineda-Valdez’s loved ones are grappling with profound loss and longing. Martinez expressed her struggle to accept that he is no longer with her and emphasized how much she wants him to be by her side.

The location where this tragic incident took place, at the intersection of Thomas Road and 67th Avenue in Phoenix, is a vital piece of information. It is essential to understand the context and geography surrounding the crime, as it may provide valuable insights into the investigation.

As the search for the person responsible for Leonel Pineda-Valdez’s death continues, his family’s determination to seek justice remains unwavering. The upcoming news conference serves as a crucial step in their efforts, as they hope to bring attention to the case and encourage anyone with information to come forward.

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