Sad News: KNUST Mourns the Passing of Level 400 Communication Design Student, Miss Asare Epiphany – Condolences from KNUST Management

We regret to inform you about the heartbreaking news that Miss Asare Epiphany, a talented Level 400 Communication Design Student at KNUST, has tragically passed away. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends during this difficult time.

The KNUST Management said they would like to express our deepest sympathies and sincere condolences. We understand that losing a loved one is a tremendous loss, and we are here to provide support and comfort in any way we can.

May Miss Asare Epiphany rest in peace, and may her memory continue to inspire and tou ch the lives of those who knew her.

Sad News: Tragic Loss of Miss Asare Epiphany, a Promising Student at KNUST

[Image: Miss Asare Epiphany]
[Source: KNUST Notice Board ©BMH]

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) community has been deeply saddened by the untimely demise of Miss Asare Epiphany, a final-year student pursuing Communication Design.

As the news of Miss Asare Epiphany’s passing reverberated across the campus, a wave of grief washed over her fellow students, faculty members, and friends. The KNUST Management, on behalf of the entire institution, extends their heartfelt condolences to the grieving family members and friends during this difficult time.

Born with a passion for creativity and a relentless drive for excellence, Miss Asare Epiphany was a shining star within the Communication Design department. Her dedication and commitment to her studies were evident to all who knew her. With her infectious enthusiasm and warm personality, she effortlessly touched the lives of those around her, leaving an indelible mark.

While the cause of her untimely demise remains unknown, the KNUST community mourns the loss of such a promising talent. The university is committed to providing support and assistance to all those affected by this tragedy.

In light of this devastating news, heartfelt messages of condolence from individuals within and beyond the KNUST community have poured in, illustrating the profound impact Miss Asare’s Epiphany had on those who knew her. One student, Emmanuel Osei, expressed, “Miss Asare was a true inspiration to us all. Her passion and creativity were unmatched. She will be sorely missed.” Another faculty member, Dr. Grace Mensah, added, “We have lost a bright young mind with endless potential. May her soul find eternal peace.”

As the KNUST community mourns the loss of Miss Asare Epiphany, it is essential to remember her vibrant spirit and the positive impact she had on the lives of others. She will forever be cherished and remembered as a beacon of light within the halls of KNUST.

Together, let us stand united in support of her grieving family and friends, offering them solace during this challenging period. May Miss Asare Epiphany’s soul rest in eternal peace.

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