San Rafael Woman, Tonantzyn Oris Beltran, Arrested for Fatal Stabbing Incident Involving Her Mother Live Streamed on Facebook

San Rafael Woman Arrested for Alleged Matricide, Incident Live-Streamed on Facebook

In a shocking incident that has sent shivers down the spine of the local community, a woman from San Rafael, California, stands accused of fatally stabbing her mother. In a macabre twist, the gruesome act was allegedly broadcast live on Facebook, according to the San Rafael Police Department.

Chilling Crime Unfolds

The crime reportedly occurred on Monday at an apartment complex on Cresta Way in Terra Linda, a residential district in San Rafael. Authorities were alerted to the incident shortly before 5 p.m. following reports of a violent altercation and a potential stabbing in progress. Police revealed that they were informed about the incident through eyewitnesses present at the scene and by individuals who had watched the horrific event unfold on the Facebook Live platform.

Scene of the Crime

Upon arrival, the police were confronted with a chilling sight. A woman, covered in blood and brandishing a knife, stood on a balcony next to another woman who had been stabbed. The suspect, identified as 28-year-old Tonantzyn Oris Beltran, a San Rafael resident, did not comply with the officer’s commands. Consequently, law enforcement officials were compelled to force their way into the apartment, successfully apprehending her.

Emergency Response and Subsequent Arrest

Emergency medical services from the San Rafael Fire Department, who were present at the scene, immediately tended to the victim, a 55-year-old woman also from San Rafael. Despite their best efforts, hospital staff were unable to save her due to the severity of her injuries. She was pronounced dead an hour and a half after she arrived at the hospital. Beltran, who was later confirmed to be the victim’s daughter, was arrested on charges of murder. Detectives are currently investigating the circumstances leading up to the homicide.

Respecting the Victim

The Marin County Coroner’s Office, working in conjunction with the police, has withheld the victim’s name to allow for family notification. In a show of respect for the victim and her family, San Rafael Police worked with Facebook’s parent company, Meta, to have the live-streamed video of the stabbing removed. Anyone with information about the crime can contact the San Rafael Police at (415) 485-3000 or submit tips online at

About San Rafael

San Rafael is a city located in Marin County, California. Known for its diverse communities and picturesque landscapes, the city has more than 58,000 residents. Terra Linda, where the incident occurred, is a residential district in San Rafael known for its peaceful neighborhoods and family-friendly environment.


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